Azadeh is an accomplished designer of woman’s clothing. She brings together over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of high-end garments. Her career endeavors include five years designing for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, and from 1990-1995, she served as the head designer for Bebe stores nationwide.

Azadeh’s extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of couture garments has enabled her to master the form of the woman’s body today. Her dedication to the fit and technique of constructing each piece has earned her a respected reputation in the high fashion industry. Azadeh’s couturier salon has been serving San Francisco and the Bay Area for over 10 years and continues to expand throughout the country.

Each season Azadeh presents unique collections of daytime, cocktail, evening, and bridal. Clients have the opportunity to meet with Azadeh and have pieces designed uniquely to their taste and needs. They appreciate having their wardrobe made to measure, and the fact that from the initial design to the final fitting of each piece, they have the opportunity to provide their input. They are indulged with a wide variety of unique and high quality fabrics such as fine wools, prints, laces, and luxurious silks from all over the world.

Azadeh has found her niche in dressing up today’s modern woman in everything from a business suit, to a casual daytime ensemble, to a party dress to an evening gown. She can create what her client is craving from today’s fashion with their one of a kind fit, as well as what may be lacking from the mass market. Azadeh?s philosophy towards designing is all about quality and individuality. Her style is an impeccable balance of sophisticated chic, classic tailoring, and just a touch of seasonal trends.

Azadeh’s home base is in San Francisco at an extravagant atelier in prestigious Union Square. She also sees her clients in locations in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

We welcome you to discover what Azadeh can create for you.