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See the gown of your dreams come to life step by step from the initial sketch, to the fabric, and series of fittings, to the final touches such as beading and lace. Azadeh works one on one with each bride, and creates the gown that fits best with their personality, proportion, and wedding locale.

The collaboration between the designer and bride presents a true custom-made experience.



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Some of that clothing I still wear today

I’ve been wearing as a day clothing since 2003. Some of that clothing I still wear today. Regardless of slight changes in my weight or shape nothing goes out of style she’s trendy ahead of the trend but always something that is timeless. Or can easily be transformed into up-to-date attire without a total reconstruction.I would say as a day is more than just a couture designer she’s an engineer and many times she will totally engineer an outfit for the purpose the fit and the beautiful body that she put some on. Congratulations to the one and only Azadeh.

She’s become a friend over the years and most importantly i trust her talent and judgement of what works for me

I met Azadeh almost 19 years ago when I walked by her Atelier and saw a beautiful dress in the window. I loved the lace in the bodice. I went in and told her I was getting married in 6 weeks and wanted a nice dress but it was a small wedding so something elegant but not over the top. Over the years, I have purchased many dresses, jackets, skirts, pants, tops, scarves, purses and costume jewelry. I love her unique designs and they always make me look elegant and well put together. She is an excellent designer with vision, creativity and understands her clients’ needs and what works for their body type. Her clothing is top quality in fabric, details, and finishing. And she will provide small repairs as needed. I continue to be amazed with her designs.

I would tell Azadeh what I was looking for, easy work dress, party dress, gown for a gala or a fun outfit

I was tired of endless shopping at Neiman Marcus only to settle for the best outfit I could find, even though it wasn’t the look I wanted and then having it tailored to fit. My prayers were answered when I met Azadeh. I would tell Azadeh what I was looking for, easy work dress, party dress, gown for a gala or a fun outfit. We collaborate on fabric, the look, what I like and what looks good on me. I now have a closet full of one-of-a-kind beautiful, high quality clothing and can go to any party at a moments notice. Azadeh Couture is a woman’s secret to looking good. She understands women’s bodies and enhances your assets. I highly recommend Azadeh to help you look your best.

I was fortunate enough to meet Azadeh a decade ago

I was fortunate enough to meet Azadeh a decade ago. Since then she has designed clothes for my two daughters and myself for all our important life moments. For me, that has been for speech’s I have delivered on stage to audiences as large as 5000, to my favorite coordinating gowns for a wedding in Lake Como Italy. She consults with us on fabrics appropriate for the time of year and location. Her mastery is creating unique gowns that fit our personalities, and are tailored to our bodies in the most flattering ways. For my daughters, Azadeh worked closely with each of them to sketch and bring to life their vision for their Senior Proms; statement gowns that are timeless. Azadeh even worked with my daughter to create her final costume when she danced her farewell solo to a sold-out theatre. It has been a great honor and privileges me and my family to have been dressed by Azadeh. She has become a family, a trusted resource that helps us communicate our best selves.


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